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Reviews Are Your Salesforce!

An EASY-To-Use Automated Google Reviews App for Local Businesses – Home Services – Restaurants

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Local Google Reviews Management Made EASY! 

Local Businesses

A business’s online reputation is critical to getting more customers and employees, as well as their bottom line! A company’s online reviews can make or break a local business in no time! We help local business get more Google Reviews and help eliminate the bad ones, thus protecting their online reputation! We have easy-to-use Review Management programs specially designed for the following local businesses:

  • Insurance
  • Restaurants
  • Daycare
  • Big Box Stores
  • Small Shops
  • Franchise Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks
  • Auto Repair
  • Tire Stores
  • Bail Bonds
  • Chiropractors
  • Veterinarian
  • Law Firms
  • Grocery Stores
  • Mall Stores
  • Fast Food | Cafe’s 
  • Coffee Shops
  • Martial Arts
  • Fitness Centers
  • Auto Parts 
  • Churches
Google Reviews | Customer Reviews
Google Reviews | Customer Reviews | Reputation Management

Local Service Businesses

A service business’s online reputation is one of the most critical parts for your bottom line! When a local shopper goes online to find a contractor, a carpet cleaner or a painter, what is the first thing they look for? Their reviews! We can help your local service business get more Google Reviews and help eliminate the bad ones! We have Review Management programs specially designed for the following local service businesses:

  • Lawncare / Landscaping
  • Painters
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Roofing Companies
  • Pressure Washing Services
  • Home Remodeling
  • Handyman and Repair
  • Tree Service Companies
  • Cleaning Services
  • Flooring Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers

Most businesses have a poor online reputation that does not reflect the quality of the services or products they offer! Here’s why:

  • Ignoring Reviews – Most businesses are either ignoring the reviews or trying to double down on what they did in the past. They say that referrals have always worked in the past.
  • No Local Involvement – The employees are not involved in getting reviews! Most of the time, these are the 45 and under group and they are really good at giving and getting reviews. This age group also heavily participates in social media. Therefore, asking for reviews will be easy for them! They just need the proper tools and incentives. 99% of the time, the right people are not involved in the reviews process!
  • Multiple Locations – Reviews are a reflection of the experience that a customer had at the local level. However, companies that have multiple locations usually allow only the corporate office to respond to the local reviews instead of a local response. Hence, every one knows the review response came from corporate. It needs to be handled locally! This way, the positive reviews can be responded to by someone in their local area and any negative reviews can be addressed quickly by the local owner, responded to locally and the situation corrected locally! 
  • Not Responding – 90% read the responses to the reviews and sadly many businesses neglect to respond to negative reviews. This validates the review as accurate and this might not be the case!
  • No Verification – No one is verifying that a negative review is accurate. Many businesses suffer from FALSE bad reviews placed on their account by competitors or a disgruntled employee. The business owner would know if the review is legitimate or not and can respond accordingly. 
Google Reviews | Customer Reviews

How Your Online Reputation Affects Your Bottom Line!

Get The Facts...

Google Reviews | Customer Reviews
  • 94% of potential customers use online reviews to evaluate local businesses!
  • More than half of consumers won’t use a business with less than a 4-Star Rating!
  • 92% of shoppers are hesitant to call a practice which has less than a 3.3 Star Rating!
  • 74.7% of online shoppers want to see at lease 7 reviews before they trust them!
  • The better your reviews, the higher you will rank on Google!
  • 73% of online searchers don’t trust reviews older than 30 days!
  • 90% of shoppers trust reviews as much as referrals from family and friends. No way around it, the Market has CHANGED!
  • 90% read the responses to the reviews and sadly many businesses neglect to respond to negative reviews.

Your Online Reviews Even Affect Your Ranking On Google! Your Google My Business Account Is The One That It Affects The Most!

Google My Business is the fastest way for your business to reach potential patients. However, setting up your Google My Business account and getting your business to rank has become more and more difficult. Your position on Google My Business (Maps) impacts your business’s bottom line! Take a look at the current click-through rate of potential customers searching on Google!


  • Position 1 – 43.32%
  • Position 2 – 37.36%
  • Position 3 –29.90%
  • Position 4 – 19.38%
  • Position 5 –10.95%
  • Position 6 – 10%
  • Position 7 – 5.28%
  • Position 8 – 4.13%
  • Position 9 – 4.13%
  • Position 10 – 3.11%

Even if you are found in the top 3, but you have bad reviews, people will move on to another business with better reviews. So, Google My Business and your online reviews are linked to together for maximum impact!  We have the tools and experience to get your business to the top of Google Maps and keep it there! By getting your business in the Google Local 3 pack, where you will get more calls and more customers. You could double or triple your income in a very short time! 

Let us help your business rank high in the Google Local 3 Pack!

Google My Business | SEO | Google Reviews

Like It Or Not – Customer Reviews ARE Your Salesforce!

Google Reviews | Customer Reviews

It’s been said that “Silence is Golden” – BUT, not when it comes to your happy customers! You need them to be heard! Like it or not, what people are saying online about your products or services are affecting your bottom line! 

We have a SOLUTION! It’s your employees! They get to help your business get more 5-Star Google Reviews using our mobile app while talking with your customers!

Meet Your Online SALES FORCE!

Your Employees Can Now Help You Get More Reviews!

We Help You Active Your Sales Force!

All It Takes Is 3 EASY Steps!

Google Reviews | Customer Reviews


Simply ask your client for a review. 86% say they would be willing to give you a review if asked. They love sharing a good experience. It just needs to be EASY!


Open your Happy Customer Reviews App and type the client’s name, cell phone number or email and press “Send”.


Instantly they receive a text link with a message from your company asking them to give you their best review! We make it EASY!

$150 mo

per Location
  • Includes: Mobile App, Online Business Admin Portal, Multiple Apps for your employees!
  • 1st and last month to start.
  • We set everything up for you with NO SETUP FEE!


Call for Discount Pricing!
  • The same service as our per location pricing model
  • Except this is is for multi-location business!
  • Discount pricing for more than 2 locations!

Franchise or Corporate

  • We offer large discounts for multi-locations, groups, corporations and franchise locations.
  • We also offer Website Development, Secure Hosting, Google My Business Setup - Website SEO and Management, Social Media Management and Ultimate SEO Services!

Ready To Get Started? Have Questions?

Our Reviews Management App Lets You Get More Reviews,
View All of Your Reviews And Respond To Your
Customers’ Reviews Online, or Right From Your Smartphone!

Easy Review Management Every Where You Go!

Access to all of your online reviews is now easy! Just open your Happy Customer Reviews Mobile App on your smartphone to view all of your reviews and respond to those reviews!

Let Your Employees Help!

Your employees can now help you get more reviews. Each team member can download their own app to send review requests to maximize your impact! 

Monitoring Your Employees’ Reviews

As the business owner, you can view which employee is sending out Review Requests and which ones are not! This helps you keep track of who is helping the most! Wow!

On Your SmartPhone

Manage Your Reviews On Your Online Business Platform From Your Computer!

Stream Your Reviews To Your Website and FaceBook

What Our Clients Have To Say...

Everything Is Included With Your
Happy Customer Reviews Subscription...

Our Reviews Mobile App

Our Custom Branded Mobile App with your company name and logo that streams your reviews to your Website and Google Accounts.

Bad Review Management

No one can stop a bad review. But, our system helps you head off bad reviews before they get posted on the web for all to see.

Online Business Panel

An Online Business Admin Panel to manage your reviews, respond, review responses and your employee apps and logins.

Customer Review Reminders

Our system will send your customers custom gentle reminders by text or email to customers who forget to leave a review every few days.

Review Responding for Mobile and Business Panel

Our system allows you to respond to customer reviews on the mobile app and Business Panel and to see which employee is sending the most review requests. Great for Bonus Programs!

Mulitiple App Downloads for Employees

Get your employees to help you get more reviews by allowing them to download their own mobile app with their own login that you control.

Discover The Right Reviews Plan
For Your Business!

Each plan comes with a company branded Online Admin Portal and Mobile App
with your business name and logo for both Android and Apple Phones!