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Reviews Are Your Sales Force!


Google Reviews | Customer Reviews

Using An Online Review Dashboard  To Generate Reviews Doesn’t Work Very Well

Far too many business owners assign someone in the office using an online review dashboard to randomly send review requests to their customers.  Not realizing that  only 3% of Emails and 8.5% Text responds with a review.  Plus, not all the reviews are happy or quality reviews.   

This is a shortcut that does not require much effort or communication with your customers. And you can see, results do not always translate into a quality review!

Does Your Online Reviews Match the
Quality of Service You Provide Your Customers?


Our Mobile Review App is The Perfect Tool for Activating Your #1 Asset!     

Take the stress out of getting reviews by using your #1 asset – Your Team, who work directly with your customers! After all, customer reviews are about your service team anyway and they are in the perfect position to simply ask for a review on the spot.  

As a software company, we saw the need for an easy to use mobile app that all business owners can afford for getting Google reviews on the spot!  So, we built one! We found that 90% of the mobile review apps on the market sell for an average of $279 per month.  WOW! That’s simply not affordable for many small businesses! This is where we come in! We created a reviews mobile app that’s ONLY $90 per month! This way, every business owner can afford to get 10X more reviews on a budget! We made it EASY!  

Google Reviews | Customer Reviews

Activate Your Entire Team
By Using Our Mobile App!

Google Reviews

1.) Simply Ask For A Review!

73% Of Consumers Would Leave A Review If Asked. Your Happy Customers Love Sharing A Good Experience. BUT, it Needs To Be EASY! Open Your Happy Customer Reviews App And Type Their first name, Cell Phone Number Or Email And Press "Send". This is the EASY way to get QUALITY reviews from your HAPPY CUSTOMERS on the spot.

Google Reviews

2.) Have Your Customer Click on the Correct Link

Your customer receives a text in 5 to 7 seconds thanking them for their business with your company name and logo in the text. Have them click on the provided reviews link. Then have them choose which reviews platform you want them to leave your company a quality review.

Google Reviews

3.) Have Your Customer Write A Quality Review

90% of shoppers want to know what your customers are saying about your performance, experience, satisfaction and quality . Mention 2 of these in a review and it is considered a Quality Review. Our mobile app allows you to respond to all your reviews and make it personal. Everybody reads them!

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Sean McFarran

By far this is the easiest way of getting reviews I've ever seen I highly recommend it!

Rassey MatteL

Excellent platform 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Wish i found it earlier😊

Lonnesa EmmaLee

The customer service was quick and efficient. Excellent work from the staff.

Marie Robbins

Great customer service! They make it easy to get more right GOOD reviews for my business! Like.

Why Are Google Reviews SO IMPORTANT?

  • Google any category and you will find that the businesses with the most reviews are at the top of the page. This is because “Google Trust” is the #1 ranking factor and Google really trusts quality reviews!

A Lot Of Reviews Will Get You Found…Quality Reviews Will Get You CHOSEN!

 Here Are the Latest 2023 Facts 

  • 89% of shoppers will not take action before they read some reviews!
  • 52% of of a company’s market value is attributed to its reputation almost 92% said that at, at least a quarter of their market value should be attributed to their reputation.  Reviews are proof of your  reputation amongst the public.  
  • 97% read the responses to reviews yet, 75% don’t respond to their reviews or provide a canned impersonal response from corporate office
  • 85% say reviews older than 90 days are Irrelevant! 40% of those surveyed only cared about reviews  less than two weeks old
  • 7 out of 10 consumers admit to using rating filters when browsing businesses. the most commonly used filter was  4 stars and higher
  • The best selling products/services have a 4.2 to a 4.7 star rating.
  • A perfect 5 star rating is considered “too good to be true” and is viewed with skepticism, so much that 82% of shoppers specifically look for negative reviews. 
  • 97% of Shoppers Read Reviews for Local Businesses

Remember…A Lot Of Reviews Will Get You Found…Quality Reviews Will Get You CHOSEN! 

Increase Your Sales By 37% - It's Easier Than You Think!

Did you know that a single business review can lift your conversion rate by 10%? How about 100?  What about 200 reviews?  Turns out 100 reviews can raise your conversion rate by as much as 37%! In fact, 200 reviews can provide a mind-blowing 44% boost!

More than ever people are relying upon online reviews to help them decide on their next service provider or purchase. Statistics show that 89% of people use online reviews as the first step in finding a new service provider or when searching a business category!

Just do a Google search for any business category and you will find that the businesses with the most reviews are at the top! This graph shows the traffic based upon ranking position. The higher you get, the more sales you make!  Just as much as potential customers trust your reviews, so does Google trust reviews for ranking purposes!

Google Trust Is The #1 Ranking Factor And Customer Trust Is The #1 Buying Factor! 

Customer Reviews

Notice: #1 position gets visited by 43%, #6 only gets 10%, #10 only gets 3.3% and there are 20 businesses per page.  Placement Effects Profits & Sales Big Time!

About 35% of Service Sales Come From Repeat Customers and Referrals
However, New Clients Come Through A Google Search!
Getting Found On Google Effects Your Profits (above chart)

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Activate All Of Your Employees To Maximize Your
Google Ranking And Your 5-Star Reviews!
No Customer Downloads Needed!

Each Of Your Team Members Gets Their Own App
With Your Company Name and Logo!


Manage Your Reviews In Realtime Everywhere You Go!

With Our Reviews App You Can:

· Send Unlimited Review Requests via Text or Email
· Respond To Your Reviews
· Share Your Reviews On Social Media
· Manage Employee Accounts And Reviews
 Allows Staff Members To Respond To Their Reviews (optional) 
·  Reviews Tracking for sales contests
· Stream Reviews to Your Website and MUCH MORE!

Ability To Manage Multiple Locations 

Customer Reviews | Google Reviews
Google Reviews

Our All-In-One System
Gets You More Reviews FAST!
With NO Customer Downloads!

Unlimited Company Branded Mobile App For Each Staff Member - Online Dash Board Reviews Tracking,
Staff Management and Review Responding - Manage Your Employees and Reviews Anywhere You Go!

Unlimited Employee Apps

Instead of management trying to get customer reviews, we activate your employees who are in direct contact with your customers. Most of the time they are better at getting reviews than even owners! Especially the younger ones! Turn them loose and watch your number of reviews soar!

Online Dash Board

Our EASY to use online dashboard allows business owners to see their reviews, send review requests, respond to reviews and manage employee apps and their review responses in real-time. You can even stream or link your reviews to your website for all to see.

Employee Tracking

Our system tracks which employees get the most reviews, who is responding to their review requests and see which customers have responded to their review requests. Great for sales contests, bonus programs or incentives! Give them a bonus and watch your reviews soar!

Business Owner App

Each business owner gets their own admin business app access so you can track your online reputation, respond to your reviews, track employee reviews, select locations and manage their online reviews in real-time on the fly!

Review Responding

Both business owners and their activated employees can see their reviews, send review requests and respond to reviews from the mobile app and from their business dashboard. Your login works on both the mobile app and the dashboard.

Gentle Reminders

Our system sends automated gentle reminders every few days to your customers who forget to leave your company a review. Your branded business panel allows you to monitor your customers progress in leaving a review and allows the business owner to modify an employees responses .

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